Read it here - Dr Dre also claims it shows a less "playful" side to the star...

EMINEM’s new album will be called ‘THE EMINEM SHOW’ and feature a more serious side of the rapper, the star’s producer and mentor DR DRE has said.

”There’s not as much playful stuff on it,” Dre told Entertainment Weekly in the US. He added that the album may be ready to go by April. ”I’m gonna finish up his project soon. It’s crazy,” he added, ”It’s him being him.”

Meanwhile Eminem is also writing the soundtrack to ‘8 Mile’, the semi-autobiographical film in which he stars. ‘8 Mile’ sees Eminem play a rapper struggling to break from a bleak background in Detroit. Directed by Curtis Hanson, best known for ‘LA Confidential’, it also sees Kim Basinger play his mother.

The film is due for release in early summer. Eminem has been working on music for the soundtrack for some months.