However, Seamus Heaney won his prize for poetry, not for peace, and he's praising Em for putting the 'Stan' into 'stanza' ..

[url=]EMINEM has been praised by NOBEL PRIZE-winning poet SEAMUS HEANEY for his “verbal energy”, which has “sent a voltage around a generation”.

Heaney had been asked if there was a figure in popular culture who aroused interest in poetry and lyrics, in a way that John Lennon and [a][/a] did during the 60s and 70s.

Speaking prior to the start of the Prince of Wales’ Educational Summer School in Norwich, Heaney said, “There is this guy [url=]Eminem. He has created a sense of what is possible.”

“He has sent a voltage around a generation,” he added, according to BBC reports. “He has done this not just through his subversive attitude but also his verbal energy.”

[url=]Eminem won an Oscar in March for Best Original Song at the 75th Annual Academy Awards for ‘Lose Yourself’ from the rapper’s film 8 Mile.