The controversial rapper's private parts will be covered by a stick of dynamite...

EMINEM is to appear naked in a COSMOPOLITAN magazine spread next month.

The controversial rapper – who has faced fierce criticism from women’s groups in the past for his lyrics about violence towards women – will appear with a stick of dynamite covering his private parts.

The shots, taken by celebrity photographer David LaChapelle, appeared in Rolling Stone magazine in 1999. LaChapelle has also ventured into video-direction, making the promo for The Dandy Warhols’ single ‘Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth’.

A spokesperson for Cosmopolitan said that they had not yet decided how they would broach the issue of Eminem‘s lyrical controversy, and added that they would not be speaking to the rapper himself. “It’s just pictures. We haven’t decided what we’re going to do with it yet, we’re just putting the stuff together at the moment.”

He will appear alongside Damage, Darren from TV series ‘Big Brother’ and UK soap Crossroads’ male stars.

This week’s NME, on sale in London today (April 24) and the rest of the UK tomorrow, has pictures of a gay porn mag which lampoons Eminem on their cover, with a lookalike in typical dungarees, posing semi-naked with a chainsaw.