The rapper is to be sentenced in June, but is not expected to be jailed...

EMINEM has appeared in a US court today (April 23), where he has pleaded no contest to the outstanding criminal charges against him.

According to a report in the local Detroit Free Press newspaper, the controversial rapper appeared at Oakland County Circuit Court, where he pleaded no contest in front of Judge Denise Langford Morris to two charges – carrying a concealed weapon and brandishing a firearm in public.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Eminem was charged with the offences following an incident with an associate of rival rap group Insane Clown Posse in June last year.

Eminem will be sentenced on June 5. Judge Morris will now review the case, and decide what punishment the rapper will receive. At present, it is not expected she will give him a jail sentence.

However, prosecutor Mark Bilkovic said he wants her to consider all penalties against Eminem. He said: “I think jail time in this case might stress to people that this is serious. I don’t want anyone to rule that out.”

Eminem‘s defence lawyer Wally Piszczatowski told the paper he was “very pleased”. He continued: “She [Judge Morris] is treating [Marshall] Mathers like she would treat anybody else who comes before her. That’s exactly what she said she’d do and that’s exactly what she did.”

Eminem was recently sentenced to two years probation on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. The sentence related to an incident outside a nightclub in Warren, Michigan, when he saw a man kissing his wife Kim.