The gay rights pressure group have likened to the proposed appearance at this month's Grammy Awards to "a Jewish performer doing a duet with an avowed Nazi"...

A gay rights pressure group has condemned the EMINEM and ELTON JOHN duet at the upcoming GRAMMY AWARDS ceremony, labelling the get-together as “a bit like a Jewish performer doing a duet with an avowed Nazi”.

Outrage, who were vocal in their slamming of Eminem over perceived homophobia in his lyrics last week on his arrival in the UK, have labelled the duet as “misguided”. Their spokesperson Peter Tatchell said, “This duet should not go ahead, unless Eminem makes a clear public statement condemning homophobic discrimination and violence. If Eminem cannot express support for gay human rights, Elton should call off the collaboration.”

He added: “Elton says he wants to break down barriers. That’s fine. But breaking down barriers is a two-way process. So far, Elton is willing to give Eminem the benefit of the doubt, but Eminem is not reciprocating. Eminem has declined to distance himself from his violently anti-gay lyrics. He will not say anything supportive of the gay community. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that Eminem is homophobic. Elton should have nothing to do with him.”

At the show, on February 21, the pair will perform Eminem’s chart-topping single ‘Stan’, with Elton John taking the part sang by Dido in the original.

Pre-empting the blasts from Outrage and other groups, Elton John was quoted in today (February 12)’s Sun newspaper saying: “I know I’ll get a lot of flak from people who are going to picket the show. But if I thought he was hateful, I wouldn’t do it.”