The lyrics to 'Set The Record Straight' are a response at the star's parent-baiting raps...

EMINEM’s mum DEBBIE MATHERS’s single ‘SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT’ – whose lyrics are an open letter to her son – can be heard on the Internet now.

The website, [url=], has streamed a sample of the track , accompanied by photos of a young Marshall Mathers on his own and with his mum.

Recorded in collaboration with rap-pop group ID-X, the song itself is an “open letter” to Eminem. It contains the lines: “Marshall we have a problem/You have really gone too far/The lies have to stop/People need to hear the truth.”

The streamed sample on the website features the two ID-X rappers – Lamar Weeden and Jeromie Frost, who it is claimed are friends of Eminem, from his hometown of St Joseph, Missouri – with Debbie intoning Marshall between lines. There is another vocal sample of Debbie Mathers, where she says: “Some day you’re gonna fall/And I just hope to God I’m there to help you.”

It was produced by REM and Indigo Girls producer John Keane, and released through Nashville label New Media Entertainment.

It retails on the site for $6.95.

The man behind the project, New Media Entertainment president Buddy Blackmon, explained: “Having discovered that my own high school daughter owned Eminem’s CD, I listened to it one evening and was shocked at the content. I decided it was time to take a stand against such violent lyrics that are desensitising our kids.”

Rapper Weeden added: “No son should ever talk that way about his mother. This song says it all. It’s time to put Eminem in his place and set the record straight.”