Outrage spokesman Peter Tatchell wants the star to give reassurances that he is not anti-gay...

Gay rights pressure group OUTRAGE say they are considering staging pickets outside EMINEM’s UK concert venues this week in protest against perceived homophobia in the rapper’s lyrics, NME.COM can reveal.

The group’s spokesman Peter Tatchell, who in the past decade has been behind campaigns to ‘out’ well-known UK politicians as closet homosexuals, said he also wanted to meet Eminem to ask him “to state publicly that he supports gay human rights”.

“We want to protest against Eminem, but security is incredibly tight,” he said. “I’d ask him to give reassurance that anti-gay sentiment in his songs do not reflect his own feelings – we want him to condemn these lyrics.”

Tatchell added that he accepted Eminem’s lyrics were not black and white, but he still felt the rapper should take a stand.

He admitted: “We accept his lyrics are complex and contradictory – there’s no doubt he’s a great artist but that’s no excuse.”

The remarks follow a statement released earlier today in which Tatchell roundly condemned Eminem’s

“homophobic jibes” that “help make bigotry cool and acceptable.” He also challenged the star’s sexuality.

“He appears to be very insecure about his sexual identity. Are the homophobic elements of his songs a bid to prove his masculinity? Like many misogynistic gay men, Eminem would rather hang out with the boys… It is easy to imagine Eminem as a woman-hating, repressed gay man.”

Tatchell also labelled the Grammy and Brit Award judges “two-faced hypocrites” for nominating the star. He said they would never give an “an award nomination to a singer who fantasised about the murder of black people”.

He added that he has written to James Palumbo, boss of Ministry of Sound, where Eminem and his entourage are due to enjoy an aftershow party on Friday (February 9), “urging him to cancel and make a public statement deploring his [Eminem’s] homophobic statements.”

Eminem will play Manchester Evening News Arena on February 8 and London Docklands Arena on February 9 and 10. All shows are sold out.