Carl Marlinga will ask that the rapper be sent down over an alleged pistol-whipping incident...

Eminem will serve a year in prison if the man prosecuting him for an alleged pistol-whipping incident on June 4 has his way.

Macomb County prosecutor Carl Marlinga has said this week (July 18) that “I would personally be asking the judge to consider jail time of six months to one year.”

According to [url=], Marlinga claimed he was being lenient as the charge being brought against the huge-selling rapper – using a firearm during the commission of a felony (assault) – carries a mandatory two-year sentence. He said he was going easy on Eminem, alleged to have used the gun on a man he spotted kissing his wife in the car park of a night club in Warren outside Detroit, because the gun was unloaded and “more for show than any other real threat to kill somebody”.


Marlinga also stressed that the five-year sentence originally feared by Eminem, on charges of assault and carrying a concealed weapon, was not likely as he has a spotless criminal record.

At present, though, it is not clear whether the underfire star will even face a court for the incident. A judge will decide during a preliminary hearing on August 31 whether a trial should be held.

And it also now appears that Eminem will get off scot free from a second firearm charge. He had been charged with brandishing an unloaded weapon during an altercation with an associate of rap rivals Insane Clown Posse outside a car radio shop in Royal Oak, Michigan hours before the Warren incident.

Oakland County prosecutor David Gorcyca has now admitted that if Eminem pleads guilty to the charge he will get at most probation. Because it is a lesser charge there is no mandatory jail sentence.

The news is sure to buoy Eminem. He admitted recently that he was finding the current goings on “rough” and that his time on the sell out ‘Up In Smoke’ rap tour with Dr. Dre and others was a welcome distraction.

Eminem‘s wife Kim was also hospitalised on July 7 following a suspected suicide attempt.


Meanwhile, the star’s second album, ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’, retains an unshakeable hold at the top of the US charts. It is still number one seven straight weeks after release having sold a little shy of five million copies.


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