The president writes to NME.COM to clarify the organisation's position on the bad boy rapper...

SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY STUDENTS UNION president ANDRZEJ NOWAKOWSKI has written to NME.COM in response to a story we broke earlier this explaining the details of a ban on EMINEM his UNION have implemented.

“The basis of our position,” he said, “is that Eminem’s lyrics are misogynistic, homophobic and full of hate, which a significant number of students find intimidating and threatening. A significant number complained.

“We are trying to build a Union for all of our students and everyone has the right to be in the Union without having to face the attitudes expressed in this artists’ material. We believe that freedom of speech should not be valued at the expense of freedom from discrimination and intimidation. We have the full backing of the National Union of Students on this issue.

He added, “We are not in any way trying to restrict the choice of our students, just trying to ensure that the services which we fund correspond with the policies of our Union as passed in campus wide referenda and endorsed by thousands of our students. We are simply implementing policy.

“We would react in the same way if any other organisation which expressed sexist, racist or homophobic sentiments was to be associated with the Union. Just because someone happens to sell millions of records, it doesn’t make their bigotry acceptable.”

As reported exclusively and first on NME.COM, the student radio station Sure faces going bust and having their funding withdrawn if they flaunt the ban, contravening Union policy.

Now at NME.COM we want to know what you think. Is this ban fair and reasonable, reflecting the views of all students in the union. Is it taking things too far, enforcing the view of a few on many. Is it the reaction of a student sabbatical council with too much time on their hands who felt like flexing a little muscle?

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