Ontario's attorney general describes the rapper's lyric as "unacceptable"...

Canadian authorities may attempt to stop Eminem entering their country after ONTARIO‘s attorney general described the controversial rapper’s lyrics as “unacceptable”.

Eminem is due to play a show as part of the Anger Management tour with Limp Bizkit this evening (October 26) at the Toronto Skydome.

According to a report in the Toronto Globe And Mail, Ontario‘s attorney general Jim Flaherty said Eminem should not be allowed to enter the country because of his controversial lyrics, which “advocate violence against women”. He is quoted in the story as saying: “That’s unacceptable to us in Ontario.”


He said government lawyers are involved, as are immigration officers, to “make sure that the federal government is looking into the status of this person entering Canada with the possibility that this person would come here and advocate violence against women.”

The Canadian music website Jam, [url=] quote Flaherty as saying: “I personally don’t want anyone coming to Canada who will come here and advocate violence against women….I read the words, the words were not subtle. They were violent, they advocated violence, they praised violence against women, physical assaults, battery on women and that’s not acceptable to me.”

However, despite his protests, Flaherty also said that he may be unable to stop Eminem crossing the border. He added: “That’s a conclusion for a court to make and it’s for the police to charge or not charge, that’s up to them.”

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