The hottest names in rock and rap look set to join together on the 'Anger Management' tour...

Limp Bizkit frontman FRED DURST and Eminem could be set to share the stage for a duet on their ANGER MANAGEMENT tour of the US.

Raving in this week’s issue of Melody Maker about his tourmate’s live show, Durst said: “We’re hopefully going to work a duet into our set at some point… Eminem‘s really pumped up for this. His back-up is sick, his production is sick. He’s rebuilt the house he grew up in for his stage set, so he starts off as Marshall Mathers then, when he turns into Slim Shady, the house changes to a castle.”

Eminem‘s set kicks off with a film take-off of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ before he appears in a Jason Vorhees-style hockey mask.


Meanwhile Durst – who gushed of Bizkit‘s own show “the production is unbelievable…we’ve got more pyro than Kiss” – has been taking the opportunity to diss Christina Aguilera as “a fucking bitch” from the stage.

The Anger Management tour, whose bill also features Xzibit and Papa Roach, will continue to roll through the US until November 15.

Meanwhile, Eminem faces arrest at his show in Toronto this week (October 26) if authorities uphold a complaint filed by a local woman.

Valerie Smith has written to the city police’s Hate Crimes Unit complaining that Eminem “promotes hatred and advocates violence against women in his lyrics” contravening Canada‘s Criminal Code.

According to Canadian website Jam Showbiz ([url=]www.canoe.ca./JamMusic), the matter has been been referred to the Ontario provincial Attorney General’s office. The Criminal Code forbids “communicating statements, other than in private conversation, (that) wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group” and those who break it face up to two years in jail.

Smith is right behind the move to have the rapper locked up.


“If the Attorney General’s office believes this material… does. constitute an infraction of the Criminal Code, they should be proactive and contact his agent and say, Ontario enforces Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code, and if he performs that material, he will be in contravention of it and he will be arrested,” she said.

And the crusading Canadian doesn’t plan to stop at the upcoming performance, but also seek action against retailers stocking the rapper’s album.

“If the Attorney General finds those lyrics contravene the Criminal Code, I will go out and buy ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ and give it to the police, and they can go charge Tower or HMV or whoever the hell they want to…” .

Eminem and Limp Bizkit, accompanied by Xzibit and Papa Roach, roll the Anger Management Tour into Toronto‘s SkyDome on Thursday (October 25).

Meanwhile, a US man has been turned down in an application to his local council in Ohio to have Eminem brought to book for breaking obscenity laws. According to reports the man, John Motley, decided to mount the campaign having hearing his daughter’s copy of the ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’.

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