Chainsaws, apparent drug-taking, electrocution - and a special guest appearance from Marilyn Manson...

Video shots of MARILYN MANSON’s performance with EMINEM on the opening night of his European tour in HAMBURG SPORTHALLE last night have been posted on the goth rocker’s website.

Eminem’s tour kicked off in suitably controversial style last night (January 30), brandishing a chainsaw onstage, taking drugs and faking his own electrocution.

And he was joined for the song ‘The Way I Am,’ by Manson, in which the rapper namechecks him. He also appeared in the video for the song, which was released as a single. To see a clip of it, [url=]click here.

The controversial rapper opened his set by screening a short film. The film showed two people breaking into Eminem’s home, before being attacked with a chainsaw. As the film ended, Eminem appeared onstage to perform ‘I’m Back’, dressed in a white face mask and wielding the same industrial chainsaw.

Eminem’s set was a mock-up of his childhood home, which was then made to look like a prison, and he strapped himself to an electric chair before the song ‘Criminal’. Later on, he produced what he claimed to be Ecstasy tablets. He told the crowd that he had been given them by a friend backstage, before joking that it “better be good stuff”.

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Eminem returns to the UK at the start of next month, for live shows at the Manchester Evening News Arena (February 8) and London Docklands Arena (9-10). All three shows are now sold out.