The rappers trade scathing insults on record...

Eminem and Everlast have become embroiled in a war of words, with the pair trading below-the-belt insults on record.

A new Eminem track, ‘I Remember’, has surfaced on the Internet, in which the controversial rapper answers perceived slurs against him by the former House Of Pain leader. The Detroit megastar is responding to Everlast‘s guest appearance on an album by underground Los Angeles rap group Dilated Peoples, released earlier this summer.

On ‘I Remember’, Eminem pulls no punches, referring to Everlast variously as a “fuckin’ homo”, a “faggot”, a “bitch”, a “dickless piece of shit”, and, in a ranting finale, as a “fuckin’ punk pussy, fuckin’ little bitch, fuckin’ c**t”. He makes reference to the heart attack Everlast – real name Erik Schrody – suffered in 1998, rapping at one point “I remember when you had your first heart attack/I was right there laughin’ when I heard the news/I just wish the cardiac woulda’ murdered you”.


Sparks began to fly following the release of ‘Ear Drums Pop (Remix)’, which appears as a bonus track on the CD version of Dilated Peoples‘The Platform’ album. Everlast, appearing under the name White E Ford (a reference to the title of his comeback album, ‘Whitey Ford Sings The Blues’), rapped about an un-named adversary: “I’ll buck a 380 on ones that act shady…/Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse/Lift up your skirt and expose your panties…/You must be crazy or just plain dumb/You might catch a beat down out where I come from”. The verse was widely interpreted as being about Eminem, who uses Slim Shady as an alter ego.

To read the full details of the story, see this week’s NME, on sale nationwide today (October 18).

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