And that's not all - Posh Spice and husband David Beckham carry more clout than The Queen...

Eminem is more influential in BRITAIN than the POPE, while POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM and footballing superstar husband DAVID, are more significant than the QUEEN, according to a new list of the UK’s power brokers published yesterday (October 15).

The rap superstar, real name Marshall Mathers, ranks at 243 on the PowerList 300, a collection of the most influential people in the UK compiled by The Observer newspaper and Channel 4, while Pope John Paul II trails him at 262.

Criteria for inclusion on the list states that inductees must have the ‘capacity to influence the quality of people’s lives, lifestyles and values in Britain today’. The Beckhams, Britain‘s most photographed celebrity couple, rank at 59, one place above Prince Charles and 15 in front of his mother the Queen.

Other notable names on the list include Madonna at 94, David Bowie at 222, largely down to his online profile and interest, and George Michael at 267.

The highest placed homegrown musical talent is radio and club DJ Pete Tong at 146, while his station mates at BBC Radio One, The Dreem Teem, the trio widely credited with kick-starting the garage explosion in Britain, make it at 211.

The growing influence of MP3 file-swapping applications is not ignored with Napster founder Shawn Fanning ranking at 189.

Prime Minister Tony Blair tops the list and his second in command, Chancellor of The Exchequer Gordon Brown, is at number two.