See Eminem, Dr Dre and Ice Cube in the highly controversial, as-yet-unfinished document... can bring you the first ever exclusive footage from Eminem, Dr Dre, SNOOP DOG and ICE CUBE‘s ‘UP IN SMOKE’ tour of the US earlier this summer.

The tour video, which Dr Dre describes as a chronicle of “sex, drugs and hip-hop music”, has not yet been completely finished. It has been heavily censored in the US and its first application for a licence has been denied in the UK.

The footage to be broadcast today features performances from Eminem, Ice Cube and Dr Dre along with brief explicit clips of audience reaction.


In the clip Eminem also refers to his obsession with Britney Spears holding up a calendar of the teen queen and saying: “I think about her when I rhyme, that’s why I rhyme about her so much, that’s why she’s always on my mind.”

It is not clear yet whether or not all of this footage will make the final cut.

The two-month tour was steeped in controversy almost from the off. On the first night in San Diego, Eminem made it clear his feelings on his now estranged wife by bringing a blow-up doll onstage which he called Kim and proceeded to toss it about and batter it while performing hit single ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

Within days, a large quantity of cannabis was seized from Snoop Dog’s tour-bus – it was later proven not be his – and close to the end of the tour, Dr Dre was ask to remove some pieces of his stage set that city authorities found obscene.

The ‘Up In Smoke’ tour video will finally be released in the UK on November 20.

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