Can we expect the same punishment to be meted out to Limp Bizkit, Xzibit and Papa Roach fans?...

A teenage EMINEM fan has been ordered to undertake an anger management course after he smashed up his home when his mother criticised his favourite rapper.

According to the local Torquay Herald Express newspaper, the 14-year-old graffitied the walls, kicked in doors and damaged the staircase of his home, after he got into an argument with his mother about the controversial rapper after watching a documentary on television.

The boy was also accused of stabbing a schoolmate with a pen in an argument over a school computer. In South Devon Youth Court yesterday, the defendant admitted charges of assault and criminal damage.

Emma Patterson, who was representing the boy in court said: “I think most mothers would have concerns about their children listening to a man who talks about violence against women and gay people. I have heard people saying that it is cool to have these violent views, but many others would find this attitude disturbing… He accepts he went too far and then went home and got into a heated debate with his mother.”

Outside court, the boy’s mother condemned Eminem for his “pornographic” and “disgusting” lyrics. She said: “They are pornographic lyrics children are being allowed to listen to. They are disgusting.”