The troubled rapper will also provide the voiceover for the series...

Troubled rapper Eminem is the latest musician to be immortalised as a cartoon on the Internet.

Eminem is set to provide the voiceover for 26 weekly cartoon ‘webisodes’ on the new Eminem microsite, [url=]www.slimshadyworld.com.

A spokesperson for the star told nme.com that the site was still under construction, and it was currently unclear what format the cartoons would take. However, speaking about the project on the website Eminem[/a] said: “This is the first opportunity to have complete creative control on something outside of my music. It is going to be some crazy entertaining shit and I hope the fans will love it. This will show a more humorous side of me in comparison to the serious stuff on the album.”


Eminem is the latest in a line of musicians to become a cartoon. In March, Stereophonics became cartoon Welshmen to promote BBC Wales‘ coverage of the rugby Six Nations Championship, while both Kiss and the Wu-Tang Clan have both been immortalised as computer games.

Eminem is currently on $10,000 bail after being charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon during an alleged brawl outside the Hot Rocks Cafe in his hometown of Warren, Michigan.

A court date has yet to be set, but while on bail, he is currently fourth on the bill on the US ‘Up In Smoke Tour’, which also features live performances from Warren G, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog and Dr Dre.