The group call their nemesis a 'bitch', and bring on two Marshall Mathers lookalike dolls who simulate sex with each other - Oh, children, please...

INSANE CLOWN POSSE have fuelled their feud with bitter rival EMINEM, launching a vitriolic attack on the star during a show in CINCINNATI BOGARTS last night (January 11), NME.COM can reveal.

Constantly referring to Eminem as ‘bitch’, the duo first baited the crowd by asking “if you fucked Eminem’s mom, wave your hands in the air.” They then brought on two Eminem lookalikes who simulated sex with each other during ‘Nothin’ But a Bitch Thang’ – the tune ICP wrote about Eminem.

Insane Clown Posse rounded off the show by beating up the lookalikes.

The actions mimic those of Eminem himself. During both the recent ‘Up In Smoke’ and ‘Anger Management’ US tours, he brought two blow-up dolls onstage, both wearing ICP’s distinctive masks, and simulated fellatio with each, before destroying the dolls.

Eminem also faces a Michigan court later this month accused of threatening an associate of ICP with an unloaded gun during June 2000.