The rap star grows defiant in the face of mounting pressure...

Eminem has defiantly stated he’s not scared of going to jail for allegedly beating up a man for chatting to his now-estranged wife KIM.

The star, who’s also being sued by his mother in a #7 million defamation case and faces a lengthy and costly divorce case from the mother of his young daughter Hailie, said: “I’m not scared of going to jail. Whatever happens, happens. Being taken from my money, being thrown in jail, none of that shit bothers me.”

Speaking in this month’s issue of The Face magazine, Eminem also challenged his mother to repeat the allegations made him on national television – “I’d like to watch her put herself out there and make herself look ridiculous. It’s disgusting, my own mother is suing me.”


She claims that lyrics on the rap star’s debut hit ‘My Name Is’ made her out to be an out-of-control drug fiend.

And the star, who’s got into trouble on a number of occasions for his supposedly anti-gay lyrics, also reveals that he’s got a new fan – Sir Elton John.

Eminem said he respected Sir Elton as an artist, even though he’d only just heard that the camp star was actually gay. However, he defended his songs and said he wasn’t homophobic: “A lot of times, critics will take my shit out of context.” But he added: “Yeah, I’ve pushed it. I can go further though, I can always go further.”

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