The South Warren Street Kids want charges brought against the rapper they call "Our Christ" dropped....

A group calling themselves SOUTH WARREN STREET KIDS have threatened to torch EMINEM’s hometown unless recent charges brought against the rapper are dropped.

A two-page letter was sent to Warren City Attorney George Constance yesterday (June 12) calling Eminem “our Christ“. It stated that by working on the rapper’s behalf against the perceived injustice of last week’s charges, the would-be aronsists can “become his new heroes”.

The handwritten note went on: “We’re coming uptown with 20-oz Mountain Dew bottles full of gasoline and charcoal lighting fluid and matches…” unless Constance reverses charges against the star.


Constance has taken the letter so seriously that he has moved his family to a safe house.

Eminem, meanwhile, has distanced himself from the threats. His lawyer, Howard Hertz, said the star would be disappointed by the fans’ behaviour. “I’m confident he had nothing to do with any such letter, and he would not condone it,” he said.

Ironically, Constance does not have the power to remove the charges. All charges – relating to two separate weapons incidents in Warren, just outside Detroit – were brought by Macomb and Oakland County prosecutors. However group appears to have singled out Constance because they feel he drove the procescution along. During a TV appearence last week he dubbed Eminem‘s actions outside the Hot Rocks Cafe on June 4 – when, as reported on, Eminem is alleged to have assaulted a man with an unloaded weapon – as “thuggish and intolerable”. He also stated that if Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga didn’t bring charges, then he would.

Constance has remained bullish in the face of the arson threats.

“Not only do I consider this person to be a coward, but a bottom-feeder and a wannabe,” he told the Detroit Free Press. “If I find who did this, I will prosecute them.” In a further blow for Eminem, it has emerged that the victim of his alleged attack in the car park of the Hot Rocks Cafe is to bring a civil suit against him.

John Guerra is suing Eminem alleging he still fears for his life, days after the embattled star pulled a gun on him. He is seeking undisclosed damages and accuses Eminem of hitting him in the face and on the head with a gun.


Eminem and a friend are said to have trailed Guerra and Eminem‘s wife Kim to the bar in the early hours of Sunday last weekend, where Eminem is alleged to have gone berserk on seeing the couple embrace. Guerra later claimed they shared a kiss that was “rather intimate”.

The underfire star, due to begin his Up In Smoke US tour in San Diego on Thursday (June 15), faced charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and concealing a dangerous weapon. He pleaded not guilty to both. He returned to court the following day (June 8) charged with possesion of a concealed weapon and illegally brandishing a firearm in public. Those charges related to an incident last Saturday prior to those at the Hot Rocks Cafe when he is alleged to have threatened a member of Insane Clown Posse – the hip-hop crowd with whom Eminem has an ongoing feud.

He is currently out on bail totalling $11,000.

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