The rap superstar is addicted to Vicodin, according to a newspaper report...

EMINEM is hooked on prescription painkillers, according to a shock report in today’s NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Showbiz editor Rav Singh claims that the rap superstar is addicted to Vicodin – the drug immortalised recently in Queens Of The Stone Age’s hymn to narcotics ‘Feelgood Hit Of The Summer’ – and may have been for as long as five years.

A source is reported as saying: “He’s been going through a very rough time and has turned to these painkillers as a way out… We’re trying to get Eminem to seek help, but he has to want to. It’s all down to him.”

The drug, which Eminem has previously mentioned in his songs, is dangerous in large quantities and can affect the liver, heart and lungs.

Eminem drew strong criticism during his recent UK tour for appearing to take drugs onstage and urging the audience to “pop the pills”.

It was later reported that the ‘pills’ he swallowed during the shows were in fact small pieces of chewing gum.