nme.com sees the star introduce blow-up dolls named after the pair onstage before simulating a sex act on them...

Eminem fanned the ongoing feud between himself and teen queens Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears on Saturday (September 9) by introducing blow-up dolls named after the pair to his stage show and simulating a sex act.

The rapper, fresh from his three prize triumph at the MTV Video Awards in New York last Thursday (September 7), was performing a brief set at the US’s first ever indoor Snowboarding championships at the LA Forum.

Halfway through the four-song set – performed on an empty stage as Eminem’s props were stuck in transit – he explained to the crowd that he had settled the beef between himself, Spears and Aguilera. To derisive cries from the assembled audience he continued by claiming the pair were in the auditorium. Two inflatable dolls were then brought out which Eminem used to simulate oral sex during ‘The Real Slim Shady’.


The move had echoes of a similar stunt pulled by the star during a San Diego show on June 15 as part of the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour. Following initial allegations that Eminem pistol-whipped a love rival he saw kissing his now estranged wife Kim, Eminem took to the stage with a blow-up doll he named ‘Kim’. He then beat it around the stage during a performance of ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

When asked prior to Thursday’s (September 7)MTV Awards if he were looking forward to the evening, Eminem made his thoughts clear on other guests – who included Aguilera, Spears and *N Sync have all been on the wrong end of his vitriol in the past, saying: “This is the one night where you can fit all the people that I don’t like into one room.”