A Surrey headmaster has launched a zero-tolerance campaign against swearing...

OASIS and EMINEM have been slammed by a school headteacher for setting an example that has led to 60 of his pupils being suspended during the last six months.

Paul Templeman-Wright, head of Beverley Secondary School in Surrey has introduced a zero-tolerance policy in a crackdown against foul language. He has imposed suspensions of three to five days on anyone he feels steps out of line. Mr Templeman-Wright blames stars of music and television for settting an example which the pupils then follow.

“I don’t know why we allow Eminem into the country,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper. “Liam and Noel Gallagher are just as bad. Elton John also used the F-word.”

He added: “Society is giving out the wrong signals and the youth of today faces a big culture shock when they come into this school. There is no place for such language in the classroom or workplace.”

Mr Templeman-Wright has not just banned his pupils from saying “fuck”, but in certain instances has come down on “shut up” and “bloody”.