The chart-topping rapper was apprehended because of a row with his wife...

Eminem‘s arrest in Detroit two days ago (June 4) was not down to a fracas with over-eager fans keen to get his autograph, but because of a row with his wife KIM SCOTT.

It has emerged that the rapper and a companion followed his wife to the Hot Rocks Cafe in the south of Detroit on Saturday night (June 3) because he suspected she was seeing someone else.

At a Macomb County court hearing yesterday (June 5), where Scott was charged with disturbing the peace, Prosecutor Carl Marlinga said Eminem and a friend “went to Hot Rocks specifically to spy on Eminem‘s wife. It appears that he saw what he suspected, and he and his wife got into an argument. At some point, a gun fell to the ground”.


It was the gun’s appearance which prompted Hot Rocks bouncers to call for the police.

It remains unclear who was carrying the gun, which was unloaded, and Malinga has asked the police to carry out further enquiries. Neither Eminem nor his companion hold a license to carry a concealed weapon. There is a five-year prison term for anyone found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon.

It seems unlikely that the current top-selling artist in the US will walk away from the incident scot-free – even if found not guilty of carrying a concealed weapon.

Warren City Attorney George Constance has said if the concealed weapon charge doesn’t stick, he is ready to bring five lesser charges of assault and battery, possession of a dangerous weapon, hindering police, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Eminem, who was not in court for the hearing yesterday, has yet to comment. His solicitor Howard Hertz, defending him in the notorious libel case brought against the rapper by his mother, said he would wait for a decision from prosecutors before commenting.