The chart-topping rapper is one of four people apprehended after an incident at Detroit's Hot Rock Cafe...

Eminem was one of four people arrested during the early hours of yesterday morning (June 4) following a brawl in a nightclub car park in his home town of Detroit.

Two of the people held after the fracas outside the Hot Rocks Cafe in the south of the city may face charges for carrying a concealed weapon. However the police will not say if Eminem is one of the two. He was released from custody at lunchtime on Sunday.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the rapper, currently at the top of the US charts having sold over 1.7 million copies of ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ in its first week of sale, had been at the club with his wife Kim Scott and a male friend. Though said to be a regular at the 500-capacity venue, a crowd apparently gathered around the star at 2am when he left, keen to get his autograph. Within minutes a fight erupted amongst the 30 or so present and the venue’s bouncers stepped in. They called the police when a gun was spotted.


Two men were arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon and a man and a woman on disorderly conduct charges. Carrying a concealed weapon carries a five-year prison term.

Following the incident, an old associate of Eminem‘s has urged him to consider using bodyguards.

“When you’re famous, everyone is out to get to know you,” said John Kurczak a promoter at one of the first clubs at which Eminem performed in Detroit. “Whatever happens, everyone is going to say, ‘That is Eminem‘. He can’t make those club visits like he used to. He might like the publicity that comes with being famous, but he is putting his wife and child in harm’s way.”

The local prosecutor’s office will today begin considering whether what if any further action is to be taken.