The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation are not happy with the lyrical content of the rapper's new album...

Eminem has become the latest American recording artist to fall foul of the GAY AND LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION (GLAAD) over lyrics on his ‘THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP’, according to reports from the US.

The gay rights group has tagged some of the content as “defamatory” and encouraging “violence and hatred”, and called for the rapper to be more responsible for the messages he is sending out.

In a GLAAD Alert issued last Thursday (May 25) the campaign group stated: “‘The Marshall Mathers LP’, the newest release from hip-hop artist Eminem, carries the warning ‘Explicit Lyrics’. That is an understatement. Eminem‘s lyrics are soaked with violence and full of negative comments about many groups, including lesbians and gay men.”


It goes on: “While Eminem certainly has the freedom of speech to rap whatever he wants, it is irresponsible for UNI/Interscope Records as a company to produce and promote such defamatory material that encourages violence and hatred. This is especially negligent when considering the market for this music has been shown to be adolescent males, the very group that statistically commits the most hate crimes.”

GLAAD hit the headlines earlier this year when they opposed to images in the video for Bloodhound Gang‘s ‘The Bad Touch’ single, which they claimed to be homophobic. The offending scenes, in which two seemingly camp French men are set upon by members of the band dressed as chimps wielding loaves of bread, were cut before MTV would screen the promo.

Bloodhound Gang frontman Jimmy Pop later answered the criticism by writing an article for gay porn mag ‘Homosex’ and claiming: “If you’ve got a sense of humour at all you won’t be offended. I keep telling people they weren’t gay men, they were FRENCH men. Some French guys have an air about them and are a little like American queens. It was just a joke.”

Eminem has yet to comment.

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