The rapper has reportedly been offered US$4 million to play, ahem, a 'bad' rapper - shouldn't be too hard, eh?...

EMINEM has been offered US$4 million to appear alongside fellow rapper DMX in his debut film.

According to the Allstar news service in the US, [url=]www.cdnow.com, the rapper has been approached to appear with DMX in the film ‘Lazarus’, which is being put together by Universal Pictures.

Filmmakers are said to want to cast Eminem as a ‘bad’ rapper, while DMX will play his nemesis. In the story, both die and are brought back from the dead.

Although ‘Lazarus’ would be Eminem’s first major film role, DMX, who is currently serving a jail sentence himself, is no stranger to acting.

Last year, he appeared alongside fellow rappers KRS-One, Red Man and Method Man in the Val Lik directed ‘Boricua’s Bond’, and his next film appearance in Steven Seagal’s ‘Exit Wounds’, is due for release in the US later in the year.