As his European tour continues to attract controversy, we speak to the biggest stars about the controversial rapper...

EMINEM is still being dogged by controversy as his tour moves across EUROPE, with the ARCHBISHOP OF TURIN among the latest to add his voice to the chorus of disapproval.

And a host of US rock stars – including Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and Moby – have been giving their views exclusively to NME.COM.

In San Remo in Italy, the Vatican took exception to state TV station RAI voicing its support for Eminem when he played in the city earlier this week. Cardinal Severino Poletto said: “This is not a question of censorship. We have to help young people decide between good and bad.”

And in the wake of the Grammys, where Eminem’s performance with Sir Elton John on ‘Stan’ provoked outrage among gay rights and womens’ groups, the stars lined up on either side of the debate.

Speaking about the controversial meeting of icons, Fred Durst said: “It’s cool that it worked. I think it’s cool that he does what he wants and that everyone is making such a big deal about it. And I heard that he’s got a song about me now.”

Eminem’s fellow Detroit native rapper, Kid Rock, gave his wholehearted seal of approval, hailing the collaboration the harbinger of a change in attitudes: “There’s nothing more positive than that right there. Elton John was my first concert, and Eminem is one of my friends. I think it’s great.”

Sheryl Crow took an opposing stance, saying: “I love Elton, but to be perfectly honest, Eminem is not apologising for what he says about gays and [I think that] people side with him because he’s cool and cutting edge and people feel that it’s hip to side with him. But I don’t agree with them at all.”

Moby also reiterated his staunchly anti-Eminem stance, saying: “I find some of his songs to be so unbelievably offensive I cannot in any way support what he does. Especially considering the people who are buying his records are nine and 10-year-olds and his songs are about misogyny, homophobia, rape and abuse. I’m 35, I can understand the ambiguity and the irony; nine and 10-year-olds cannot. I find the subject matter deeply disturbing.” However, he did qualify Eminem’s pop star status, adding: “But I do think [he] is very good at what he does.”