New 'clean' version of 'My Fault' to debut on his website...

Eminem is set to release a ‘clean’ version of ‘My Fault’, a track from his debut album ‘The Slim Shady LP’ – released on Monday – as a single.

In the original version of ‘My Fault’ a character named Susan “who came to get laid and tied up with first aid tape and raped on the first date” dies from an overdose of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

In the new version, Susan dies from an allergic reaction to a mushroom pizza.


It remains to be seen if Eminem has removed lines from the song like, “I’m sorry your father raped you/So what you had your little coochie in your dad’s mouth?”.

No release date has been set for the single but it will come out on Aftermath/Interscope records in the near future, possibly July when the rapper plays T In The Park festival (July 10-11).

The ‘clean’ version of ‘My Fault’ will debut exclusively on Eminem’s website.

Eminem defends his lyrics, saying: “Not everything I say is to be taken so literal. My shit is not politically correct. I look at it like a South Park episode.”

Eminem, aka 24-year-old Marshall Mathers, has been in the studio with Dr Dre, who helped produce the ‘The Slim Shady LP’, to guest on hiss forthcoming ‘Chronic 2000’ album.

Eminem will also make an appearance on Missy Elliott‘s new album, scheduled for release later this year.


Eminem has also just finished filming a video in the US for another album track called ‘Role Model’, which will probably be released as another single in the near future.

The album version of ‘Role Model’ features controversial lyrics like: “Hillary Clinton tried to slap and call me a pervert/I ripped her fuckin’ tonsils out and fed her sherbet/Bitch!” and “I’ve been with ten women who’ve got HIV/I got genital warts and it burns when I pee”.

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