Kim Mathers also seeks custody of the couple's four-year old daughter...

EMINEM’s legal problems continue to mount with the news that his estranged wife KIM MATHERS has put a $10 million demand on divorce settlement and his mother has taken a second action against him for defamation.

In addition to Kim’s demand, she is seeking full custody of their four-year old daughter – a move which is sure to enrage the rapper as he had sought joint custody when he filed divorce proceedings last Wednesday (August 16).

The Detroit Free Press reports Kim Mathers‘ divorce counter-claim as focusing on the marriage breakdown, saying it culminated on the night (June 4) Emimen was arrested in a nightclub car park in Warren, Michigan for alleged pistol-whipping a man he saw kissing his wife – a kiss she says was an innocent peck on the cheek.


She is seeking the $10 million settlement because of lyrics of Eminem’s song ‘Kim’, which “depicts horrific domestic violence against the wife, resulting in her grisly murder” and because his recent stage act “has included violent and vile acts directed toward an effigy of the wife, in the presence of several thousand concert attendees”.

Meanwhile, his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, is demanding a further $1 million payout for comments the rapper made about her in response to an earlier $10million defamation suit.

According to The Macomb Daily newspaper, Mathers-Briggs was upset by Eminem’s remark that his mother was “always looking to earn an easy dollar the good old American way: by suing the ass off any company she could catch on the wrong foot”.

Eminem is due in court on September 13 to face the original $10million suit (which he refused to settle out of court) and a fortnight before, on August 31, he is due to face preliminary assault and weapons charges stemming from the June 4 pistol-whipping incident.

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