The saga goes on and on - but it turns out the chief prosecutor is a big fan of the rapper's music...

EMINEM has had his court date for the alleged assault of a man he saw kissing his wife adjourned for a second time.

The rapper was due to appear in Macomb County Court, Michigan today (December 15) to face weapon and assault charges stemming from the June 4 attack. Already rescheduled from last week (December 8), he will now not appear until February 13.

Prosecutors have said the star, real name Marshall Mathers, is taking more time to consider a plea offer. Prosecutors have offered to drop one charge if he pleads guilty to the other. They have maintained, though, they will seek jail time even if he accepts . However, in what amounts to a capitulation, they now insist they shall not be seeking the sentence of five years as first feared, rather “a couple of months”.

And in further welcome news for Eminem, it appears he has found an unlikely fan in chief prosecutor Carl Marlinga.

“I appreciate the fact that the guy has a talent,” Marlinga told [url=]www.sonicnet.com “He really is a wordsmith. He does a lot of good point/counterpoint like Willie Nelson in country or Mozart in classical.”

As reported yesterday (December 14) on NME.COM, Eminem made his first reference to the attack guesting on ‘Don’t Approach Me’, a track on the new Xzibit album. “You wonder why I carry every gun under the sun/ Whether it’s unloaded or a unregistered one,” he raps. “Just got in a feud in some parking lot with a dude over Kim and she just slit both of her wrists over this shit.”

Marlinga dismissed the idea that the lyrics could be read as an admission of involvement in the attack.

“I’m a big First Amendment fan – I don’t want to cramp the guy’s style. Besides, they could always say it was a hypothetical or fictional situation,” he said.

It has also been announced that Eminem and his estranged wife Kim have called off divorce proceedings. It is understood they have decided to make a go a of the marriage for the sake of daughter Hailie.