He's white, pasty, shouts "fuck you!" at office workers, shows his bum at gigs, raps about raping lesbians and ripping Pamela Lee's tits off: are you offended yet?

Eminem‘s debut album ‘The Slim Shady LP’ is released next Monday in the wake of controversy that would make Malcolm McLaren proud.

Eminem‘s debut British show ended in chaos last week when the notorious Detroit rapper walked offstage at London Ladbroke Grove Subterania after five numbers and refused to return.

The crowd jeered when it was explained that the show was over, and members of the audience took over the mic to diss the rapper.


Eminem is no stranger to controversy. His single ‘My Name Is’ has been attacked by the Victim Support Group in America for “making money out of horrific crimes”.

The uncensored version of the single, which was released in the UK on March 29 on Aftermath Ent/Interscope, talks of raping lesbians and claims the rapper, “Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee’s tits off”.

‘The Slim Shady LP’ was criticised in a full-page editorial in Billboard magazine for its depiction of sexual violence.

Despite the fracas at Subterania, the venue’s management say that no refunds were requested from the audience. But Eminem‘s press officer told NME: “People were shouting for refunds because it was a hip-hop crowd, a black crowd.

“You may have photographs of him mooning but I didn’t see that.” (see above).

But speaking to NME writer PIERS MARTIN, Eminem aka 24 year old Marshall Mathers, claims that the character is just a persona he has created and advises those who find his material offensive to “Go to church.”


“Don’t listen to my shit. I mean, I don’t take life as seriously as a lot of people,” he said. “I take responsibility for what I say, but not everything I say is to be taken so literal. My shit is not politically correct. I look at it like a South park episode. It’s obvious. Unless you’re really insane.”

The album has already sold 800,000 copies in the US and has built the Dr Dre protege a cult following amongst US white trash mallrats.

“I think maybe my attitude attracts a lot of kids, especially white kids from the suburbs and stuff,” he says. “They wanna have this attitude like they don’t give a fuck. they love their Tupacs and their Biggies and the whole image, and when someone comes along and goes against the grain and just truly doesn’t give a fuck, they wanna be that person. Cos I know when I was younger and the Beastie Boys came out, they seemed like they didn’t give a fuck, and when NWA came out, they really didn’t give a fuck. The whole attitude attracts people. I think it’s like a phenomenon or something.”

You can see Eminem on Flava on Channel 4 at 1 am on Saturday, April 9 where he was caught on camera having a piss against a wall in Soho’s Wardour Street and shouting “Fuck you!” at passing office workers.

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