Debbie Mathers claims her son has "no control over his own life" and denies he had an unhappy childhood...

EMINEM’s mother DEBBIE MATHERS claims her son has “no control over his own life” and has denied the rapper’s repeated claims that he had an unhappy childhood.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM last week, Debbie explained that she had decided to release her own rap record ‘Set The Record Straight’ to put forward her side of the story about his upbringing.

A collaboration with unknown rapper’s ID-X from Eminem’s hometown of St Joseph, Missouri, the record features the title track and another song ‘Dear Marshall’, which features Debbie Mathers telling her son: “I just want you to know that I still love you”.


Debbie explained: “For the past two years I have sat back and listened to the media and watched the media write a lot of bad things about it and really get hurt by my oldest son.

“He’s with people now who are brainwashing him into believing your mother doesn’t care about you. His wife (Kimberly) is one of those people, and I really hate to say it because I took her in at 13 years old and practically raised the girl. I felt betrayed by both of them.”

Later on in the interview, which will appear in full in next week’s NME Christmas special, Debbie Mathers reveals that she still plans to sue her son for the lyrics to his first hit ‘My Name Is’, and that: “I know what the relationship is like with his wife. She rules the roost – he has no control over his own life.”

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