Betty Kresin wants the rapper to pay for her dead son's body to be exhumed for autopsy - in order to clarify the circumstances surrounding his death...

EMINEM’s grandmother, BETTY KRESIN, has said she wants the rapper to pay for her dead son’s body to be exhumed for autopsy – to clarify the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to police reports, in 1991, Kresin’s son Ronnie committed suicide at the age of 19 in front of his suicidal girlfriend. Ronnie and Eminem were close and of similar age. Following Ronnie’s death, the controversial star had a ‘RIP Ronnie’ tattoo on his arm, as well as using his death as material in his songs.

Now, in an interview with UK tabloid the Daily Mirror, Kresin – Eminem’s mum Debbie’ mother – claims the circumstances surrounding his death were not clear, and she is looking to Eminem to pay for his body to be exhumed so an autopsy can take place.


She said: “They were really good pals, partners, friends, buddies – I’m angry with Marshall. At the time I didn’t want an autopsy. I didn’t want them to cut up my son. But I said to Marshall, ‘Now you’re famous and you’ve got money and you say you love Ronnie so much with that tattoo on your arm. I want his body exhumed to find out the truth of what happened’.”

Kresin said the pair have also rowed over Eminem’s plans to use a tape of Ronnie singing on a future release. She said: “(He said) ‘Grandma I’m going to do this tape’ and I said ‘Over my dead body’. He replied ‘Well you better die then, because if I want to do it then I will’.

“There’s an old tape floating around of Ronnie singing. Marshall said he’ll put that out on CD, but I don?t want that out there. I don’t think I could handle it.”

In other news, Eminem’s court appearance which was scheduled for last Friday (December 8) has now been postponed until December 15.

According to US website, [url=]

, Eminem made a brief appearance at the Macomb County Courthouse in Michigan last Friday, but proceedings were then adjourned until this coming Friday afternoon.


According to the report, when the court case re-commences, Eminem’s attorneys and county Prosecutor Carl Marlinga will meet to confirm how the controversial rapper will plead to the charges against him.

The rapper was released on US$100,000 bail in June after pleading not guilty to charges of assault and carrying a concealed weapon, which was unloaded, outside a nightclub in Warren, Michigan.

Although there have previously been discussions between Eminem’s lawyers and Prosecutor Marlinga over a possible settlement, nothing has yet been agreed, and he has previously stated that he will request a jail sentence of between six months and a year if he wins a conviction against Marshall Mathers.

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