The rapper pleaded guilty to a charge of carrying a concealed weapon, as part of a plea bargain which saw the lesser charge of assault with a dangerous weapon dismissed...

EMINEM pleaded guilty to a charge of carrying a concealed weapon during a brief appearance at Macomb County Court yesterday (February 14).

As part of a plea bargain agreed with prosecutors, the rapper had a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon dismissed.

The star, fresh from the end of his European tour, cut a sombre appearance in court. When asked by Probate Judge Antonio Viviano if he was guilty, he replied simply, “Yes, sir.” He then went on to speak more than during any other hearing explaining, “On June 4, 2000, in the city of Warren, I was in possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle.”

Eminem was accused of using the weapon to pistol-whip a man seen kissing his wife, Kim Mathers, outside the Hot Rocks Cafe nightclub on June 4. He will be sentenced on April 10.

Prosecutor Carl Marlinga said he will not seek more than a six-month jail sentence, because Eminem “has no record and there was no serious injury”. The assault charge had carried a maximum of four years in prison.

There is still a chance, though, that the star could go to a full jury trial. Viviano told lawyers that he would announce his decision on sentence in his chambers prior to the April 10 hearing. If either side were unhappy with the result, the plea bargain could be dropped and a trial facilitated.

However, a spokesperson for Eminem said late yesterday that he was now “looking forward to putting this matter behind him”.

Eminem will be back in a Michigan courtroom April 9, when he’ll face weapons charges in Oakland County Circuit Court stemming from a separate incident on June 3, when he is said to have threatened an associate of Insane Clown Posse with an unloaded gun.