The Slim Shady superstar gives his most outrageous interview yet to NME...

Eminem launches a blistering attack against American chart stars such as *NSYNC, CHRISTINE AGUILERA and BRITNEY SPEARS in the forthcoming issue of NME, in UK shops on Wednesday (April 19), and in an exclusive video interview with nme.com to be aired here tomorrow.

The hip hop superstar pulls no punches labelling them collectively as “fake, trash, horrible” and having “no talent” adding:

“Boy/girl bands – little watered down pop groups, made bands, somebody sticks ’em together and makes something that’s artificial, that’s fuckin’ phoney. You can only rhyme fuckin’ ‘fire’ and ‘desire’ and ‘heart’ and ‘fall apart’ so many times an’ I’m sick of seein’ it, sick of hearin’ it, and if I lose my fans ‘cos they find out Eminem doesn’t like *NSYNC, I don’t give a fuck. Fuck *NSYNC, fuck Backstreet Boys, fuck Britney Spears, fuck Christine Aquilera, fuck all that bullshit, that shit is trash to me, fuckin’ no talent.”


During an interview which sees him switching between his Eminem, Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers alter egos, he threatens the interviewer (NME’s Sylvia Patterson) with rape, reveals that the fame he gained almost overnight on the release of last years ‘Slim Shady LP’ debut has left him completely unsatisified and that the welfare of his daughter Hailie-Jade remains his priority and driving force.

Eminem‘s second album ‘Marshall Mathers LP’ will be released through Aftermath/Interscope on May 29.

He will perform at London’s Brixton Academy alongside his mentor Dr Dre on May 1.

See the exclusive video interview with Eminem here tomorrow (April 18) on nme.com. You can also read the full Eminem interview in this week’s issue of NME, cover-dated April 22 and available across the UK from Wednesday.

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