Eminem interviews remixed into a version of ‘My Name Is’ as a birthday present – watch

DJ Steve Porter mashed up the video/ track for Marshall's 43rd on October 16

Eminem turned 43 yesterday (October 16), and as a birthday present, Massachusetts DJ Steve Porter – who’s known for his video remixes – has put together a personalised present.

Porter’s video is a remix of a career-spanning selection of Marshall Mathers interviews, set to the melody of Eminem’s classic ‘My Name Is’. The video features Eminem confessing “I’m a little shroomed out”, as well as the lines “I ain’t in this for the money” and “I don’t promote drugs.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone on the video, Porter said:

“I wanted to give Eminem some birthday love via his early days on video. He’s as hilarious and funny as he is talented, and I wanted to bring those elements out in this remix.”


Eminem recently announced his live return for 2016, though it won’t be of much interest to most European or American fans, as it will take place as headliner of the South American version of Lollapalooza in Argentina, Chile and Brazil in March. The return will be his first live appearances since 2014.

The rapper also recently released the video for his latest track ‘Phenomenal’ on YouTube, removing it from its previous ‘Apple Music only’ status.

Watch Porter’s birthday remix video below: