The Zombies’ Rod Argent on Eminem sample: ‘I loved it’

The rocker approves of the rapper's use of 'Time Of The Season' on 'Rhyme And Reason'

The Zombies‘ Rod Argent has said he “loved” Eminem’s track ‘Rhyme And Reason’, which samples the St Albans rockers’ seminal track ‘Time Of The Season’.

“I actually loved it,” he told Rolling Stone. “I loved the way he takes words and phrases from the original record and then spins off of the particular phrases. It kicks him off onto an avalanche of funny wordplay and invention. It’s very amusing. It’s a waterfall of words, and the associations just keep coming. When he’s singing, ‘There’s no rhyme or no reason for nothing’, I love that it was almost identical in vowel sounds and mirrored the original, but at the same time completely inverted the sentiment of what was being said.”

When asked if he was sceptical of the rapper using he track, he replied: “I was supportive of the idea because I like things done in an inventive and creative way. I was excited when I heard he wanted to use it because I knew it would be a completely different spin on the song and it would turn into something else.”

Earlier today (November 7), singer-songwriter Sia said that she will donate the money she makes from her contribution to Eminem‘s new album ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’ to an LGBT charity.

Eminem was forced to defend the use of homophobic words on his new album earlier this week, saying he has “no issue” with gay people. The rapper has been criticised for use of the word “faggot” in some tracks on the album, including ‘Rap God’ which was previewed prior to the album’s release. However, the Detroit rapper claims that his use of the word is not rooted in homophobia.

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Meanwhile, Official Chart Company data reveals that Eminem’s eighth studio album is already one of the fastest-selling albums of the year, shifting 73,000 copies since it went on sale on November 5. It is on course for the Number One slot in the week’s Official Album Chart, which will be revealed on Sunday (November 10).