Eminem says Alliance of American Football players should be allowed to fight during games

The fledgling American football league was only founded last year

Eminem has voiced his opinion that American footballers in the Alliance of American Football (AAF) league should be allowed to fight during games, as he believes it will be the “key to the league’s success” going forward.

The AAF was only founded in March 2018, and kicked off its inaugural season in the US last month. Teams from such cities as Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego are all competing in the eight-franchise league, which is separate from the NFL.

Eminem has now weighed in with an ambitious suggestion for the fledgling sports league: allow its players to fight in-game, much like in ice hockey (albeit with subsequent punishments for the combatants). Taking to Twitter last night (March 25), the rapper wrote: “DEAR @THEAAF, PLEASE ENTERTAIN THIS THOUGHT REGARDING THE @AAFIRON@AAFEXPRESS GAME: ALLOWING THE PLAYERS TO ACTUALLY FIGHT WOULD BE KEY TO LEAGUE’S SUCCESS LIKE HOCKEY, I WOULD WATCH EVERY GAME.”

Eminem also voiced his desire for the introduction of a team from his native Detroit (“EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO DETROIT TEAM YET – HINT”), which prompted a response from the CEO and co-founder of the AAF, Charlie Ebersol.

Earlier this month, a spokesperson for Eminem downplayed reports which claimed that the rapper had signed a deal with wrestling giant WWE that would cover his appearances on the organisation’s upcoming TV shows and video game releases.