Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s diss tracks produced by the same person

The plot thickens...

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly‘s back-and-forth diss tracks were produced by the same person, it’s been revealed.

The feud between the pair first emerged at the end of last month, after Eminem took aim at Kelly on surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘.

In response, Kelly then shot back with Rap Devil – which offered a savage take down of the rap icon. Seemingly not one to let things lie, Eminem then shot back again with ‘Killshot’, the latest track to emerge in the feud.


Discussing his reasons, Eminem also confirmed that his beef with Kelly has nothing to do with the fact that he once referred to his daughter as “hot”.


But amid the bitter rivalry, it’s now been revealed that the pair actually shared the same producer. Ronald Spence Jr, also known as Ronny J, is listed as a writer and producer on both ‘The Ringer’ and ‘Not Alike’ on Kamikaze.

Days later, it emerged that it had also lent his talents to Kelly’s ‘Rap Devil’, too.

Now, it’s led to fans thinking that the feud might not be as genuine as first thought.


“Why did Ronny J flip on Em and help produce Rap Devil?”, one asked.

Amid the feud, Eminem also recently confirmed that he wasn’t dissing Drake.

“Drake is going to always be in my good graces, because he did something for one of my daughters that I will never forget and he will always be in my graces for that,” he admitted.