Beyoncé wasn’t Eminem’s first choice for ‘Walk On Water’, this singer was…

Adele was originally meant to be on the 'Revival' track

Eminem‘s long-time collaborator and producer Denaun Porter has revealed that Beyoncé wasn’t the first choice guest star for his album’s lead single ‘Walk On Water’.

The Detroit rapper’s new album ‘Revival’ is out today (December 15). It’s his ninth record and first since 2013’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’.

‘Revival’ was preceded by single ‘Walk On Water’ last month, a collaboration with Beyoncé. Speaking to ThisIs50, D12 member Porter – who also goes by the rap name Kon Artis – revealed that Adele was originally meant to be on the track.

Porter said that when he first heard the track, it was intended for Adele but “something happened with her and her voice so she couldn’t do it”.

He went on to explain that they eventually reached out to Beyoncé, adding: “There’s only a couple people that could pull that off.”

Listen from the 2.40 mark below:

Meanwhile, critics and fans have been reacting to Eminem’s new album ‘Revival’.

“Slim Shady may have spent the last decade and change putting out bad records, but Revival stands as the first truly terrible entry into his already sagging discography”, The 405 wrote.

However, one fan was less complimentary, tweeting: “Hurts my soul to say this, but this is is a terrible listen”.