Watch Eminem and Dr. Dre recall the first time they met and explain how they wrote ‘My Name Is’

The rap pair both feature in the HBO documentary 'The Defiant Ones', which concludes in the US tonight (July 12)

Eminem and Dr Dre have recalled the first time they ever met – as well as telling the story behind the subsequent recording of Eminem’s solo single ‘My Name Is’ – for the new HBO documentary series The Defiant Ones.

The Detroit rapper first linked up with the legendary NWA rapper and producer in 1997 after Jimmy Iovine – who, along with Dre, has his career examined in The Defiant Ones – sent Dre a copy of Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady EP’.

Dre went on to executively-produce Eminem’s second studio album ‘The Slim Shady LP’, which came out in 1999 and launched Eminem’s career as a rap heavyweight.


Speaking in the new documentary, Eminem recalled being starstruck by Dre on their first meeting. “I’m looking at Dre like: ‘Dude I see you on TV all the time – you one of my biggest influences ever in life.”

Dre then remembered how the pair put together ‘My Name Is’, with archive footage of the two in Dre’s home studio also shown. The producer also revealed that the single started to come together during their first few minutes in the studio.

Watch the clip below.

The Defiant Ones concludes in the US tonight on HBO. A UK air date for the documentary series has yet to be announced.

Last week Dre released the new track ‘Gunfire’, which featured in The Defiant Ones. It was also recently reported that Dre and Eminem are currently working together on new music.

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