Eminem fans react as he releases surprise album ‘Kamikaze’

Is it a hit?

This morning, Eminem fans from across the world woke up to the spontaneous release of a brand new Eminem album.

‘Kamikaze’ is the rap icon’s tenth studio album, and it’s proved extremely divisive among listeners.

As ever, debate has spread like wildfire on Twitter – with fans being very vocal about their honest thoughts on the new record.


Many have been shocked by Shady’s excessive dissing towards numerous figures on today’s mainstream rap scene, including Earl Sweatshirt and Lil Yachty.

For others, it was a throwback – they picked up on familiar 2000s vibes, and enjoyed reminiscing on The Marshal Mathers LP.

Of course… it was shock and excitement that first found absolutely everywhere:

Then came the responses to Eminem’s complete ripping apart of the 2018 rap scene. Drake, Chance The Rapper, Tyler The Creator? You name it. Chances are, your best-loved artist was completely torn to shreds:



People really were surprised by the sound of his bars. So much so, one listener could relate to this scene of Harry Potter:

Some showed their homage and true loyalty to the rap legend. One fan suggested that 13 year olds would be “trembling and biting their nails” hoping that Eminem wouldn’t come for their favourite rapper:


Clearly, fans are under the impression that Eminem still holds his almighty status in music:

Other fans geared slightly towards the middle of the spectrum, showing subtle appall in response to the intensity of his insults. One fan didn’t seem too happy about his dig at Machine Gun Kelly on the track ‘Not Alike’, labelling the diss as “unnecessary”:

Some weren’t at all pleased with Slim’s… shady remarks:

Some Twitter users were also very vocal about how Eminem speaks of the lack of success seen with his last album release. Mimicking the flow Kendrick Lamar, he quotes the line “Revival didn’t go viral” on the track ‘Greatest’:


Several fans were able to channel his slander back to the year 2000, when Eminem expressed a similar style of controversial verse on his third studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP:

More hysteria – one fan found it appropriate to use this classic gif.


Have you felt the nostalgia yet?

Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ is available on all streaming services now.

Words by Teo Canmetin.