Eminem fans “trampled” as they picked up bags after Twickenham gig

"People were struggling to breathe, it was absolutely mental."

Eminem‘s fans have claimed that they risked being trampled on after thousands of bags were “dumped” for fans to collect after his London show.

Fans who attended the rap icon’s Twickenham Stadium gig on Saturday night say that security officials were responsible for sparking a frenzied rush as fans attempted to collect their belongings.

Eyewitnesses claim that attendees were left “struggling to breathe” as they attempted to grab their bags before they were taken.


Fan Tom Rosher, 21, told NME how fans desperately attempted to retrieve their belongings during a frenzied free-for-all.

“There was two security guards and you’re supposed to hand them your ticket to get your bag back. But they were shouting out ticket numbers and handing them to anyone who said it was theirs.

“It was at this point that I had to push in to get my bag back, there was metal fences falling over as others tried to do the same.”

Tom only retrieved his girlfriend’s Michael Kors bag after he decided to jump into the container where the items were being stored.

“I asked the two guards what the compensation procedure was, but they blanked me.

“I jumped into the container and I spoke to two people working there before I had to find my bag.


“One said, ‘I don’t get paid enough – I don’t care.’

Earlier in the day, Tom had been forced to place the rucksack in the container – despite stadium staff believing that it was within the permitted size.

“When we handed it in, the person at the till even said that it was very small, but we just wanted to get in and that was that.

“Our tiny bag wasn’t allowed, but we got inside and saw plenty of other rucksacks around.”

Posting photos of the chaotic scenes on Twitter, one fan wrote: “Amazing night at Eminem ruined by the appalling organisation or the stadium! Nothing on tickets about bags and at the end of the night they were just thrown on the floor with peoples personal belongings, purses everywhere! It was chaos!”

A spokesperson for Twickenham Stadium said: “In line with the policy set for this event, fans were advised not to bring bags with them.

“On the night there was a limited bag drop facility available operated by the promoter. Unfortunately this did not meet our usual standards. We’d like to apologise to all those who were impacted. We worked with the promoter and had a new process for tonight’s show to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

NME contacted the promoter, Live Nation, for comment but are yet to receive a response.