Comedian Chris D’Elia talks about finally meeting Eminem: “the craziest fucking thing”

It was thanks to an invitation by the rap star...

Chris D’Elia, the comedian who’s celebrated for his uncanny Eminem impressions, has spoken about meeting the rap icon for the first time.

D’Elia, who caught the attention of the ‘Kamikaze’ rapper earlier this year after sharing his latest viral impersonation, said that he was invited to the artist’s studio in Detroit last week where the pair hung out and talked at length about hip-hop.

“This is the craziest fucking thing already,” D’Elia said in a video clip in which he recalled their meeting. He revealed that Eminem, who previously praised him for his hilarious mimicking, said: “Man, you killed that impression, it was so funny, it was amazing!”


D’Elia, who is a comedian, actor and podcast host known for roles in NBC’s Whitney and Undateable sitcoms, added that their hang-out was “mind-blowing…in the best way, [Eminem] was just the most normal, cool guy.”

At one point during their meeting D’Elia said that Eminem (real name Marshall Mathers) listed his favourite rappers of all time including Tupac, Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z. D’Elia added that Eminem also chatted to him while freestyling in rap which the comedian described as “fucking insane”.

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Despite bonding over music and comedy, D’Elia announced at the end of the clip that there was a story he chose not to share with the rapper at the time. “He didn’t even know that – on the way from the sprinter van from fucking Pennsylvania to Detroit [to meet Eminem] – that I drank so much coffee that we had to pull over to the side of the road and shit in someone’s yard.”


In related news, earlier this year Eminem and Logic released a video for ‘Homicide’, the pair’s collaborative track, with D’Elia portraying the rap legend.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Eminem reportedly responded to a song leak in which he appeared to “side with Chris Brown” over assaulting Rihanna.