Eminem to donate proceeds from New Zealand lawsuit to hurricane relief efforts

The rapper was awarded $415,000 after the country's National Party was found to have breached the copyright of 'Lose Yourself'

Eminem will donate the proceeds from his victorious lawsuit against a New Zealand political party towards hurricane relief efforts.

New Zealand High Court Judge Helen Cull ruled in favour of the rapper’s case earlier this week, which declared that the conservative National Party breached copyright by using a song which sounded similar to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ in a campaign advert. The National Party were ordered to pay 500,000 New Zealand dollars ($415,000 / £316,100) plus interest to Eight Mile Style, Eminem’s publisher.

While the exact amount that Eminem will receive from the lawsuit has yet to be determined – Eight Mile Style filed the lawsuit against the National Party – the rapper will donate whatever proceeds he does receive to hurricane relief efforts.


His spokesman confirmed that his donation will goes towards providing aid to those affected by the recent destructive storms in North and Central America.

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