These fans believe that the beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly is being staged

The two rappers have been publicly feuding again following the release of Eminem's new album 'Kamikaze'

Fans and observers of the ongoing beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly have begun to speculate about whether the dispute is actually being staged.

The two rappers have been actively feuding in public in the past few weeks following the release of Eminem’s new album ‘Kamikaze’, which contained a track (‘Not Alike’) which saw Eminem tear into Kelly. The song reignited a tension between the two which dates back to 2012 over comments Kelly made about the 45-year-old’s daughter on social media.

Kelly and Eminem have since exchanged diss tracks, with the former’s ‘Rap Devil’ being met with Em’s fiery ‘Killshot’ – with both tracks having been produced by the same person. Kelly responded to ‘Killshot’ by announcing a brand new EP ‘Binge’, which is due on Friday (September 21).


However, some fans have now theorised that the beef between Eminem and Kelly is actually being staged by higher powers. The reasons behind this new theory have ranged from the fact that the two artists are signed to the same label (Interscope), to a screenshot of Kelly’s SoundCloud page which apparently shows that ‘Rap Devil’ was first uploaded online six months ago – and was only taken off ‘private’ on September 8.

That latter reason has been disputed by some, though – with a number of people pointing out that, due to the lingering discord between the two rappers, Kelly may have had a version of ‘Rap Devil’ prepared and in his locker in anticipation of the kind of beef that he is now engaged in with Eminem.

See a selection of the theories about the ‘staged’ beef between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly below.


Earlier this week, Machine Gun Kelly was reportedly booed by fans at a Fall Out Boy show for performing the Eminem diss track ‘Rap Devil’.