Eminem’s new album title revealed by fake pharmaceutical adverts?

Is Eminem's new record called 'Revival'?

Eminem‘s new album title appears to have been revealed by a marketing campaign involving fake pharmaceutical adverts.

The rapper’s manager Paul Rosenberg recently posted a photo on Instagram (see below) that included a poster in the background for a medical firm supposedly called Revival. The logo for the company featured the same backwards “E” from Eminem’s own logo.

Since then, fans have found a website, a hotline and TV advert for Revival, which advertises medication for a fictional ailment called Atrox Rithimus. All three make reference to the lyrics from Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’, while the ad also plays music from Dr Dre’s Eminem-featuring track ‘I Need A Doctor’.  It has also been uncovered that the ads were paid for by Eminem’s label, Interscope.


Fans have since been speculating that Eminem’s new album will be called ‘Revival’ and will complete his trilogy of albums following 2009’s ‘Relapse’ and 2010’s ‘Recovery’. It would be the rapper’s first release since 2013’s ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’. A release date is not currently known

Meanwhile, Eminem recently won $600,000 after a New Zealand conservative party was found guilty of “ripping off” ‘Lose Yourself’.

The conservative National Party’s successful 2014 election campaign saw the party run an advert backed by a track titled ‘Eminem Esque’, which bears multiple musical and tonal similarities to ‘Lose Yourself’. The advert was run 186 times throughout the campaign, before being pulled. Eminem and his publisher Eight Mile Style subsequently sued, accusing the track of being a rip off.


Eminem and Eight Mile Style won their case, with New Zealand High Court Judge Helen Cull ruling in favour of the rapper and ordering the National Party to pay NZ$600,000 (£314,000), plus interest, to Eminem’s publishing company.

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