Eminem’s original Stan is still Eminem’s biggest stan

And he proved it with a birthday message for the rapper

Eminem‘s original Stan has shown that he still holds the title of being the rapper’s biggest stan.

Devon Sawa appeared in Marshall Mathers’ iconic video for the 2000 song.

Now, the actor has shown that he still has what it takes to be Eminem’s biggest stan, sending him a birthday message on Twitter.

“Happy birthday @Eminem,” Sawa wrote. “Sincerely yours, Stan,” before ending the message by saying: “Ps. We should be together, too.”

In the now-legendary video, Stan plays an obsessive fan who sends Eminem messages that get more and more intense and aggressive.

The term has now been co-opted to refer to hardcore fans of bands and artists across the world

In a piece for NME, El Hunt wrote of how stan culture turned sour. “Taking their name from the Eminem song, stans mostly indulge in harmless fun, turning their love of an artist into something tribal and communal, like supporting a football team. But when super-fans turn nasty, especially when armed with the anonymity of a keyboard, things can quickly turn toxic,” she writes.

“Stan culture is fan culture and it all comes down to loving music – not a bad thing in itself,” the article continues.

“It’s fun to obsess over your faves, and to spar with rival fans, but the limits should be common sense. Often, caught up in the moment, it can be difficult to know where the line is; perhaps it’s harder to visualise the real life consequences of your words when you’re flinging them into a digital black hole.”