Eminem responds to the negative reaction towards ‘Revival’

"If it doesn't sound like everything else, then it's trash automatically"

Eminem has spoken out about the negativity that surrounded his previous album ‘Revival‘ – arguing that a lot of people decided that it was going to be ‘trash’ before it was even released.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sway, Eminem said that a lot of people’s attitude towards his 2017 album was what led him to drop his latest record ‘Kamikaze’ by surprise.

“I feel like giving them no warning was the best thing to do,” said Eminem. “When the Revival tracklist came down the pipe, it was overwhelmingly, ‘This shit is going to be trash.’ And nobody really wanted to be wrong about it. A lot of people had already formed their opinions.”


Explaining why many fans and critics panned the record, Eminem added that people were not responsive to the sonic risks he was taking.

“Maybe because it doesn’t sound like everything else and what most people are doing, maybe that was what tainted their ear,” he said. “I remember a time in hip-hop where you had to be so different from the next person, or you were trash. There was a shift somewhere that happened that if it doesn’t sound like everything else, then it’s trash automatically.”

His latest record ‘Kamikaze’ has courted much controversy once again due to its on-the-bone lyrical content – as well as taking aim at a number of figures through diss tracks.

One of the most bitter rivalries that has come to a head through the album is one with Machine Gun Kelly – who came under attack on the song ‘Not Alike’.  Kelly then hit back with the diss track ‘Rap Devil‘ – mocking his single ‘Rap God’.


The Sway interview saw Eminem tease the real reason behind their feud, as well as confirm that he’s already been at work on a follow-up diss track.